Bigfork Present:Customer Profiling for Fun & Profit

Or why you need to research and profile your website visitors and how to do it.
(Don't worry, it's not complicated)
Creating profiles of your customers helps you understand their needs
  • 31 / M / IT Consultant
  • Heavy internet user
  • Favours information over “fluff” design
  • Researches all options before making a decision
  • Shuns social media
Using this understanding, you can design your website around their requirements
  • 74 / M / Retired
  • Internet savvy but poor eyesight, relies on clear directions on websites
  • Likes Google and BBC, finds them easy to use
  • Is very careful online, likes to be reassured
A customer focused website is the start of a successful website
  • 26 / F / Household Duties
  • Mostly browses on phone
  • Knows how to use her favourite websites but unsure of the web in general
  • Prefers to call if she can't find what she wants
How to be more customer focused? Answer these for each profile:
What do they want from you?
What do they want from your website?
What sort of content do they love / hate?
What do you want them to do?
Use the information you've gathered to devise different "customer journeys"
These journeys are how you expect people to use your website based on the profiles you've created
Now you know what customers are looking for, design your website pages so they can find it!
(The coloured areas correspond to the customer journeys)
For more in-depth info, download our "Bigfork guide to profiling"
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