Digital Roundup – April 2018

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  1. Companies cutting down on Facebook use after data scandal
  2. Latest from Google
  3. Timeline Plugin by Sketch now available
  4. The biggest Apple iOS update yet?
  5. ARCore is merging the lines between online and offline worlds

Companies cutting down on Facebook use after data scandal

At a time when most business are gearing up for GDPR, the Facebook data breach is a timely reminder of how important privacy and data security are.

If you haven’t already heard about the scandal surrounding the use of Facebook user data, the short version is that Cambridge Analytica have recently been found to have gathered user data from the social media giants, which was then used to influence the 2016 presidential election using psychographic profiling.

A #DeleteFacebook campaign has been backed by the likes of Elon Musk who deleted the Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages on the 23rd March.

Read more on The Drum.

Latest from Google

Updated Search Engine Results Page (SERP) snippet lengths is the latest development in Google’s SEO arena. We are all used to snippet lengths being around 215 characters long. Now Google will grab a snippet from the text within a websites’ page of anything up to 320 characters.

Google has announced that they are planning to integrate 3D ad graphics into Google Ads, as Web Designer reaches 3.0 beta. 

The rise in visual search is being kick started by innovators at Google. We may soon see our digital devices picking up on retail items around our room or in a retail location; making the buying process easier and more diverse. In turn also benefiting SEO companies who can make use of this new futuristic feature.

Timeline Plugin by Sketch now available

Animation on websites has seen something of a renaissance thanks to advances in browser technologies, so web designers and animators will be happy with the announcement of the timeline plugin for the popular design app Sketch. Making it easier to create animations.

You can now drag and drop layers in each keyframe, easily create customize timing and work faster with all keyframes laid out, similar to that of artboards. The first version can export gif and mov formats, with later versions looking to incorporate support for CSS animations, Lottie and more.

The biggest Apple iOS update yet?

If you use an iPhone or iPad, be prepared for the iOS 11.3 update coming very soon. Updates will include:

  • New Animojis: a lion, dragon, bear and skull
  • You can access more battery diagnostic information at Settings > Battery > Battery Health
  • Messages is receiving a Business Chat feature that gives users a way to chat directly with businesses
  • An array of AR (Augmented Reality) improvements
  • A way to sync messages between your iOS and macOS devices through iCloud Messages
  • The Health App will now be password protected and you can pull data in from a variety of medical institutions

ARCore is merging the lines between online and offline worlds

We’ve all heard about developments in the subtle merging between our visual world and that of the digital. As seen in the vastly popular game Pokemon Go and also the rise of 3D gaming. It’s definitely something that’s going down a storm in terms of consumer popularity and ease of use.

But now retailers are picking up on the buzz. You can find augmented reality (AR) apps being used by Pottery Barn where customers can place virtual furniture in their home. As well as in the “Which Box” feature in eBay’s app and Sotheby’s International Realty app which is changing up the furniture retail game online.

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13th April 2018
by Colin Richardson

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