Digital Roundup – Feb 2018

Table of Contents

  1. GDPR is approaching fast!
  2. Big changes to Facebook News feeds
  3. What’s new at Google?
  4. Goodbye AdWords Review Extensions
  5. Alexa on the rise

GDPR is approaching fast!

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced from 25th May 2018. GDPR is all about how businesses and their suppliers collect and store data. Heavy fines can be issued for noncompliance so make sure you consult your legal experts to make sure your business is ready.

The key parts of GDPR can be seen at

Big changes to Facebook News feeds

Facebook have announced major changes to the way it now ranks posts in news feeds.

Posts from friends and family will now have priority over content from businesses and publishers. This will have a big impact on businesses who use Facebook heavily to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites. Posts will now need to have paid for boosts to maintain this traffic or businesses may need to change strategy with their content marketing and use tactics such as SEO.

What’s new at Google?

There’s always lots happening at Google, here’s a quick summary of recent news:

Search Console has been updated to show 16 months of data instead of just 3. It’s also had a redesign and lots of new functionality added to get SEO’s very excited.

The “Speed Update” will be rolling out in July which will largely focus on mobile speed performance of websites, so make sure your website is lightning fast on smartphones.

Lastly, the character limit for snippets has been increased to 320 which is a good excuse to review your websites meta descriptions.

Goodbye AdWords Review Extensions

Google are retiring review extensions from AdWords. These were a great way to add social proof to ads and increase click through rates, however they were difficult to get approved. AdWords still has many other methods to help get your ads seen and you can still add testimonials and reviews to your landing pages.

Alexa on the rise

Virtual assistant sales of devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home increased by a whopping 103% last year. Nearly 80% of these were at the end of the year which show’s they were top of many people’s Christmas wish lists. ADI’s research discovered what people used them for the most:

  1. Music
  2. Weather
  3. “Fun” questions
  4. Researching

It’s very early days for voice search but definitely one to watch.

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9th February 2018
by Mark Ellaway

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