What's New With Google? June 2019 Edition.

Mobile SERPs move to Cards

Google have redesigned their search results for mobile. Organic search results now appear as “cards” similar to ads and also include the favicon from the website, usually only shown in browser tabs, alongside the title.

Google say the design is to help people scan search results faster.

mobile serps

Ads have also changed and will now begin under the “Ad label”, which is being changed from Green to Black. These changes are only being rolled out on mobile for now, so will be interesting to see if / when they apply the change to Desktop searches.

Google Algorithm Update

Google announced the update at the start of the month on their @searchliason Twitter account, sadly they've stopped naming their updates so instead of a new Panda or Penguin it's simply “June 2019 Core Update”.

No specific details have been released and initial research is inconclusive with some winners, and some losers. 

Search Engine Land have a good write up on the matter, and one of the more interesting losers is the Daily Mail losing half their traffic since the update.

At the time of writing the changes are still being rolled out, so watch this space.

Published on

7th June 2019
by Mark Ellaway

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