How to Screenshot an Entire Website

Firstly, why would you screenshot an entire website? Sometimes you may just need to capture web pages to show someone a complete website design, perhaps someone else has asked for them for their records, or maybe it’s so you can create a PDF of all the pages for marking up amends.

Whatever the reason, taking screenshots of whole website is occasionally useful, so here's a quick how-to guide.

Get a list of all the pages on the website 

The first thing you’ll need to do is generate a list of all the pages on your website. There are plenty of tools that can help with this, we’re going to use Sitemap Generator.

Though primarily a tool for generating XML sitemaps, it has the option of downloading a text list of URLs which is exactly what we require.


Head to the Sitemap Generator website and enter your website address in the Starting URL box. The next bit can take a while so consider a tea break at this point.

Once the sitemap generator finishes, you’ll see a new screen telling you that your sitemap is ready. We need the Sitemap in Text Format, so click on urllist.txt to download it.

Congratulations, you now have a list of all the pages on your website in text format. Onto the next step.

Create Screenshots from Your List

Grab Them AllThis tutorial originally used Grab Them All, an extension for Firefox, which is sadly no longer available. If you're a Mac user then Paparazzi can take multiple screenshots from URLs, Windows users I'm afraid I've no alternative for.

Once you’ve installed them, open Firefox and select Grab Them All from the Tools menu.

First, you need to tell it which pages to screenshot. This is what our page list is for, so click on the topmost button and select the list of pages you saved from Sitemap Generator.

Next, click the Select destination dir button to choose which folder to save the images into.

If you're unsure what the other options mean you can safely ignore them, so the final step is to click Let’s go! and leave Grab Them All to work its magic.

Voila, you now have screenshots of all your web pages.

Other Tools are Available

As mentioned, there are many different programs that can fetch URLs and create screenshots, I chose Sitemap Generator and Grab Them All for this guide as they’re both free and straightforward. 

I would usually use Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Paparazzi (Mac only) which makes the process faster and more configurable, just a bit more complex.

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26th April 2017
by Colin Richardson

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