New Website for "Disruptive Innovators" Procarta Biosystems

Procarta Biosystems are "disruptive innovators" in the field of antimicrobial resistance. The world is running out of antimicrobial medicines (e.g. antibiotics) and they are developing innovative, new medicines to combat resistant bacterial strains.

Procarta Biosystems Website

We were appointed to design a new SilverStripe website for Procarta Biosystems with the aim of promoting their work to investors and the pharma industry. Bigfork have a successful track record of website design for the R&D sector, our most recent work was a new website design for Inspiralis.

The new website needed to communicate complex messages to an audience that may not understand the science. We designed the website to be very visual with strong images and short, simple messages leading the web pages with the detailed scientific content following.

Procarta Biosystems Website

We were given a tight 3 week deadline to have the website designed, built and live and are pleased to say we achieved this, and Procarta Biosystems have just achieved Seed funding of £600k.

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Published on

11th September 2018
by Mark Ellaway