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Norwich – a digital centre of expertise

Digital marketing
By Mark
Last updated
23 December 2021

 While Norwich may be a historic city, there’s nothing historic about Norwich's thriving reputation as a centre of excellence for digital and technology businesses. 

Norwich’s creative and digital sector is booming and has been for a while, with digital tech businesses at the heart of the city’s growing economy.

Fuelled by rapid changes in technology, the need to speed up digital transformation and two innovative universities, Norwich has become a tech hotspot. The University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts offer digital businesses an excellent talent pool. This has energised and strengthened the tech sector and further boosted Norwich’s success as a digital centre of expertise.

Norwich is also fortunate to have a supportive and vibrant tech community. Dynamic meetups and networking events encourage grassroots ventures and inspire digital entrepreneurs.

Norwich – A Digital Tech Hotspot

Today, we have some of the most innovative digital and creative companies in the UK based in our fine city. There’s a lot going on in Norwich’s digital sphere.

One example is Also Asked, an SEO tool created by Norwich-based agency Candour, used by thousands of people worldwide and even mentioned on American TV.

Archant Dialogue

Archant Dialogue are a creative and collaborative agency, working with the automotive, luxury and experiential sectors. Their clients include the likes of Harley-Davidson and Bentley and have a large team of great people based in Norwich.

In addition, there are innovative local start-ups that have made their mark in Norwich and beyond. 

LiftShare was started in Norwich over 20 years ago and over the last two decades have helped thousands of organisations make data-driven decisions on sustainable mobility planning and policy.

ubisend is a no-code automation platform that powers the logic and decision making of what to communicate to who and when. One local project brought 160 years of history to life when ubisend worked with Archant and turned old newspapers in to chatbots. ubisend then went on to be one of the first chatbot companies to build a voice chatbot onto the Google Assistant platform.

Founded in Norwich with a vision of the future, Thyngs develop cashless payments and touch-free commerce available anywhere in the world using nothing more than a mobile phone. Today they work with UK businesses and global brands, with a sales presence in New York and Sydney and manufacturing partnerships in China. 

Norwich – A Supportive Tech Hub

So, what makes Norwich different and stand out from the crowd when it comes to digital excellence. Well, there is a strong hub of businesses providing technology networking groups and support. Norwich also has forward thinking digital events such as SyncTheCity.

Having the outlet and ability to share expertise, ideas and contacts is invaluable for growing a digital business. Norwich is duly recognised for the opportunities it offers local digital entrepreneurs.

Norwich – Economic Strategy

The Norwich Economic Strategy 2019-24 provides the foundation for growth and for helping to achieve Norwich City Council's priority of ‘a prosperous and vibrant city’. The strategy recognises the digital sector has real growth potential in its own right, but is also a driver for innovation, creativity and productivity across the broader business base.

“The vibrancy of the digital sector is also crucial to Norwich’s creativity and cultural diversity, which, in turn, has a positive impact on the city’s image and supports related industries in culture, leisure and tourism. The availability of digital infrastructure and access to superfast broadband is key to the growth and competitiveness of digital companies, as is availability of a technically-specialised workforce.”

Bigfork is proud to be part of the city’s flourishing digital sector. Norwich is a great place to work and also a great place to live, highlighted recently by The Sunday Times naming Norwich one of the best places to live in 2021.