Why do PPC?

By Mark
Last updated
10 June 2022

Why do PPC?

The dark art of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can seem mysterious at first, so Bigfork are here to help with a quick overview of what PPC is and why it can work for your business.

Pay Per Click advertising works by having ads appear on search engines such as Google, Bing and websites such as Facebook. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad. If done properly, PPC can increase your website traffic your sales/enquiries.

So why and when should you consider using PPC advertising?

It’s fast

The natural route for many companies online is to try and rank highly in Google search rankings for their main keywords. A good strategy, especially as data shows that the best converting traffic often comes from Google search traffic.

However this can take some time to achieve, usually 3-6 months, perhaps longer. This is time you probably don’t have. Search engine optimisation is also not something you have that much control over. Google can change its algorithm and your ranking with it, or your competitors can overtake you. Your saviour is Google Ads.

You can quickly and easily have a campaign up and running in hours and a page 1 Google presence for you keywords – budget permitting! We often use Google Ads campaigns as a short term tactic to drive traffic to the site while we’re carrying out search engine optimisation.

Discover more about your customers

Using PPC effectively allows you to gather useful insights into your customer behaviour. On Google Ads you can test lots of keywords and then use the best performing ones for search engine optimisation, saving you time and money. Facebook PPC ads provide audience insights with comments on ads and click data.

You can run short campaigns

Just like offline advertising, PPC campaigns can be used to promote events, new products, sales etc. Google Ads and Facebook allow you to be highly targeted as well by choosing location, age, gender etc.

You control the money

With PPC, you only pay the DJ if people get up and dance. You control the daily budget which you can increase or decrease whenever you want.

It’s accurate targeting

The great thing about PPC is you can target your customers better than most other types of advertising. Google Ads and Facebook allow you to target by location, time of day, day of week etc.

Facebook PPC goes further with gender, age and interest targeting eg 40-50 year old males living in Manchester interested in property.

It drives conversions

If PPC is carried our effectively and properly tracked in Google Analytics you can see what ads are producing sales and enquiries. This is vital for marketers who need to show that their campaigns are producing a good return on their budget.

So you think PPC sounds like it might be the best thing for your company? Good, but you need to carry it out properly, especially Google Ads where budgets can be easily wasted. Make sure you take the Google Ads certificates, go on a course or employ a professional.