Bigfork’s careful planning brought order to the Interface website and gave them the flexibility and control to take it into the future.

Interface are a training and consultancy company who specialise in delivering courses to the public sector. Their old website had grown significantly over time and the cracks were beginning to show, so they appointed Bigfork to develop a new, easier to use website.

We started the project by involving Interface in content planning workshops – establishing what the website needed to say and how to structure it so that it made sense to their customers.

From the workshops we created and refined wireframes for the whole website. These showed how all the content would fit, and made sure the pages had the key information required by different audiences.

We knew from Interface’s website analytics that phones and tablets accounted for over half their traffic, so the website was designed and built from the wireframes using a mobile-first approach. This ensured that whether someone was using an iPhone or a desktop PC, the website would offer a great experience.

Bigfork developed the website using SilverStripe CMS to give Interface control of maintaining and growing the site as required.

Overall the new website has been a great success with positive feedback from both Interface and their customers. While the attractive design and easy to use content management system certainly contributed, like all great websites, it was all in the planning.


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