Privacy & Cookies

The internet is full of people trying to harvest your personal information and sell it to ne’er-do-wells, so rest assured that Bigfork have only the most honourable of intentions when it comes to data acquisition.

Any personal data we gather through our website, which is entirely through the medium of forms, is used only for its intended purpose. Typically this will be to contact you about an enquiry and / or add you to our mailing list for the excellent Bigfork email newsletter.

This data is controlled by Bigfork Limited of Henderson Business Centre, 51 Ivy Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR5 8BF. Our email address is and you can call us on 01603 513080 if you'd really like to discuss what data we hold about you.

We may use other companies to do things on our behalf, such as email marketing. In these cases we have to share the required information with these third parties but we only use respectable outlets who will behave in accordance with the law.

We use Google Analytics on our website (and occasionally other tracking software if it has a free demo) to gather anonymous data about website usage. This doesn’t tell us who you are or what your favourite colour is. It merely informs us, as an overview, which pages people like to look at and what particular bits of the website tend to gain the most interest. We then compare this data to our website plan and issue high-fives around the office when it matches up.

To gather this anonymous data we use cookies, but know that your supermarket loyalty card has far more on you than we ever will.

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