Benefits of digital products for B2B businesses


Amy Culham
Digital Marketing Manager

The online world has come a long way since the days of basic company websites and static pages. Today, businesses have access to a wealth of digital technologies that can help them achieve their goals. Yes, websites are still an essential part of an online presence, but there is so much more that businesses can do to leverage the power of the internet. 

One such avenue is digital products. These tools can take a business to the next level, enhancing operations, increasing productivity, and improving customer engagement.

What is a digital product?

A digital product is a bespoke piece of software, often a website, that is designed to solve specific challenges for businesses and help them perform better. These products can improve customer experience, distributor support, recruitment, productivity, and more. Here are some examples of digital products:

  • Interactive product catalogues
  • Lead management systems
  • Product finders
  • Data management tools
  • Distributor portals
  • Staff portals/intranets
  • Online ordering systems
  • Customer service tools
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What are the main benefits of digital products?

Improved customer experience

Digital products can help businesses provide an enhanced customer experience by having easy-to-use tools and interfaces. For example, interactive product catalogues, product finders, and online ordering systems provide easy access to information and can help customers find and purchase products quickly. Enabling customers to interact with your business on their terms can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For example, the NGK Part Finder application is an interactive web-based tool allowing technicians to identify the correct plug or sensor for a given vehicle or engine.

NGK Partfinder cars catalogue

Increased productivity and efficiency

There are many manual tasks that come with running a business such as lead management, data management, and customer service that can be automated by using digital products. This can help save time and money and increase productivity and efficiency. For example, staff portals and intranets can provide employees with access to important information and tools, such as HR policies, training materials, and project management tools.

Pay 4 Bay for National Parking Enforcement (NPE) - a digital product that allows users to pay for their parking at NPE’s pay and display sites.

Better distributor support

For B2B businesses that rely on distributors, digital products can help to offer better support. Customised distributor portals can provide distributors with access to important information, such as product specifications, pricing, and inventory levels. This can help distributors make informed decisions and improve their sales performance.

Richard Western B2B website - dealer portal for access to essential product and warranty information.

richardwestern dealerlogin

Improve your recruitment process

Digital products can significantly improve a business's recruitment process by providing innovative tools and platforms that attract top talent. For instance, businesses can use digital products such as applicant tracking systems and online job portals to streamline their recruitment process, automate administrative tasks, and reach a wider pool of candidates. Digital products can also help businesses build their employer brand by showcasing their culture, values, and employee experience, making them more attractive to candidates.

Increased sales and revenue

Finally, digital products can lead to increased sales and revenue for B2B businesses. By providing an enhanced customer experience, increasing productivity and efficiency, and offering market leading customised solutions, businesses can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and generate more revenue.

Digital products can provide many benefits for businesses, especially in B2B sectors. A good B2B web design agency that specialises in bespoke development will be able to help you get started.

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