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Inspiralis Limited is a leading Biotech company specialising in DNA modifying enzymes and their substrates.

Their clients are Universities, Pharma and Biotech companies from across the world.

Bigfork designed the previous Inspiralis website and were appointed to create their new website.

The new website needed to:

  • Increase sales by allowing customers to buy and order online
  • Improve the user experience and make it easier for them to find products and distributors
  • Differentiate them by showing the ‘human element’ at Inspiralis
  • Increase search traffic by optimising the website for products and services
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How did we do it?

It starts with discovery

“All or our website projects follow our proven FUSION process, which always starts with a Discovery workshop. It’s essential we spend time with our client so we can fully understand their products, customers and market.

Only then can we produce a great website for them” states Mark Ellaway, Digital Marketing Director at Bigfork.

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Quality you can rely on

“One of the main things that came up in the FUSION discovery phase is that Inspiralis’ customers rated the quality of their products really highly. Using Inspiralis products for research means they get reliable and consistent results, which is really important to them. And Inspiralis’ customers also tell them their assay kits are very easy to use, which saves them time”, noted Mark.

“By the end of our workshop we had a strong value proposition and a clear plan for how to structure and design the new Inspiralis website.”

Smooth customer journeys

“Once the website structure and content were agreed it was time to move on to the Design phase of FUSION. Inspiralis have hundreds of products, so the first challenge was to design the website to be easy to use. To help people on their journey, we developed an improved navigation menu, a powerful site search, and "best seller" carousels to highlight popular products” says our Digital Design Director, Colin Richardson.

Design that appeals and convinces

“The website design needed to communicate quality as well as other key brand messages such as ‘experts in the field’ and ‘the go to people’. We commissioned photography of the Inspiralis team and products to visually promote these messages” adds Colin.

“Customer testimonials and ISO 9001 were added to show credibility, which is so important in B2B marketing.”

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Bespoke development

“A big development challenge was creating the product database in a way that it could be easily managed by the client in the content management system, something we do a lot of at Bigfork” says Kris Coidan, lead developer for this project.

“It wasn't just a standard category / product setup, there is technical information that has to link up to products which allows Inspiralis to automatically update multiple areas of the website just by editing the product catalogue.

And of course, there’s the bespoke quote and checkout systems that support multiple currencies with automatic exchange rates, and integration with Revolut for payments. And making it all user-friendly. The results were worth the hard work” states Kris.

“From the beginning Bigfork took time to understand our business, our value proposition, and where we were positioned in the market. This meant that the design of our new website was on point with our brand and realised the goals we had for designing a new website. I love our new website and I would highly recommend working with Bigfork.”

Natassja Bush, Managing Director, Inspiralis Ltd

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