Tips for navigating complex B2B website projects


Amy Culham
Digital Marketing Manager

For businesses today your website is more than just your business card – it's your handshake with the market, your platform for influence, and your most tireless salesperson. But creating a B2B website that lives up to such a multifaceted role? Now, that's complex. Worry not; with the right plan of action, you can handle this process with ease. Here are some essential tips:

Planning: The foundation of success

The foundation of any successful website project lies in the planning, as they say, “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Start by drafting a detailed website design brief that encapsulates your project's scope, objectives, target audience, and unique requirements. This brief will act as a roadmap for your project and guide your team and stakeholders throughout the entire process.

Equally important is the Discovery Phase, this involves working closely with your web development team so they can gather all the necessary information and data to inform your project's strategy. Learn more about the Discovery Phase and why it is essential for your project, alongside a helpful download to get you started.

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    Website design brief template

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    Website discovery workshop 

Conducting competitor analysis

You don't operate in a vacuum. Knowing the playing field can help you position your website to succeed. Analyse your competitors: What are they doing right? Wrong? What gaps are there to exploit? How can your website not just compete but lead? Our handy competitor analysis article provides you with a framework and checklist on how to analyse your competitor’s websites.

User research: Understanding your audience

Who are you serving, and what do they need? User research is the lens through which you see your audience’s behaviours, needs, and pain points. It provides valuable insights so you can align your website's design and functionality with the expectations and requirements of those you aim to serve.

Setting SMART goals

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Goals should align with your business objectives and must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Whether it's increasing lead generation by a certain percentage or achieving specific engagement metrics, having defined goals will focus your efforts and measure your project's success accurately.

content planning is exactly like this

Content planning: Mapping the message

Every word on your website should earn its place. Plan your content to resonate, influence, and drive action. High-quality, valuable content positions you not just as a seller, but as an industry thought leader. Think about what will you say, how, and to whom? A solid content strategy could mean the difference between bouncing visitors and rapt audiences.

Choosing the right CMS: The engine behind your site

The Content Management System (CMS) you choose can significantly impact your website's flexibility, scalability, and ease of management. Consider factors like customisability, support, security, and integration capabilities. Whether it's Silverstripe, WordPress, or Statamic, the right CMS should empower your team to manage content effectively without compromising on technical capability or user experience.

Don’t skimp on technical SEO and SEO migration

Technical SEO is vital for ensuring your website is discoverable and ranks well on search engines. Focus on optimising site speed, mobile-friendliness, and being indexable. Additionally, if you're migrating from an old site, a carefully planned SEO site migration is essential to retain your search equity and guarantee a smooth transition for your website's visibility and ranking.

Test rigorously

Finally, test rigorously. From functionality to performance, every aspect of your website needs to withstand the real world. It isn't only about troubleshooting; it's about ensuring excellence, performance, and security. A thorough testing phase pre-empts any issues before going live.

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Remember, we at Bigfork are here to partner with you through every step of this journey. Reach out to us, and let’s build a website that stands out and delivers measurable results.

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