300% increase in conversions for Quartix

Discovery / Competitor analysis / Wireframes / Design / Split URL testing / Heat map testing / Analytics

Quartix are a SaaS company offering vehicle tracking software and related services. Their website had good traffic, but conversion rates were low.

Bigfork’s website consultancy and design expertise helped Quartix increase conversions by 300%. 

Read on to find out how we did it.

Section of Quartix home page redesign

Know your customer

At the start of any project comes discovery.

We really dug into who Quartix are, what they do, and who their customers are. And by extension, what their customers want. Quartix had already developed a marketing strategy, which identified their key customers. This was a great base to build on. We added in our own research and carried out a detailed competitor analysis.

The thing that really stood out was the Quartix website wasn’t centered around the customer.

This is a common mistake we see in B2B websites. Everything was focused on Quartix and product features. Rather than focusing on the customer and the benefits Quartix can offer.

This was really core to the project. We know from experience that making websites more customer focused improves conversions.

Social proof

Quartix knew from customer surveys that customer service was their real strength. Vehicle tracking software doesn’t change much between suppliers. So, service level was a great differentiator for them.

Of course we can’t just say they have great service. We needed to prove it, which we did through:

  • Trustpilot ratings
  • Showing existing customers
  • Testimonials
  • Relevant statistics
  • Promoting Quartix’s award for customer service

The existing website included these elements, but we wanted to push them to front and centre.

social proof

Taking action

The existing Quartix website had good calls to action, but they didn’t stand out. Green buttons on a green branded page blend in too much. We made two important changes to calls to action:

  • Introduced a complementary orange to make buttons stand out
  • Made the language more personal  – “Get my quote” rather than “get a quote”

These seemingly small changes are a proven tactic for conversion rate optimisation. People are mostly visual and impatient. They’ll click on whatever stands out most.  We use this to guide them in the right direction.

New design vs existing design

We worked on five key pages for this project. Here’s a comparison of our redesign vs the old home page.

  • New Quartix design

    New Quartix design
  • Old Quartix design

    Old Quartix design

Testing the new design

With the new design done, we needed to prove it would work. We set up URL split tests, so traffic was divided between old and new pages. 

We also set up heat maps, scroll maps, and recordings to monitor user behaviour. The tests were initially run on the home page and the most popular product page. 

Key findings from testing were:

  • Home page visitors were mainly interested in credentials. They interacted with Trustpilot widgets and client logos the most.
  • A lot of green text attracted clicks, regardless of whether it was a link.
    Product page users mostly wanted a quote (as opposed to a demo) and were typically smaller fleets.
  • The new pages had better engagement and higher conversion rates compared to the old ones.

The most significant finding was the new home page had a 300% higher conversion rate compared to the old one. 

We used the findings to make recommendations:

  • Increase the prominence of credentials on the home page.
  • Avoid using green text for highlighting text that might be a link.
  • Consider gearing specific product pages to their likely audiences. For example, Vehicle Tracking is likely to attract small businesses. But Telematics appeals more for fleet managers.

At the time of writing Quartix have rolled out the new home page design to UK, USA and French websites. Other pages are still being tested, but signs so far are positive for the new designs.

“We saw great results after teaming up with Bigfork. They conducted competitor research and made a genuine effort to understand our business. To ensure their solutions aligned with our goals, they arranged meetings at every stage of the process and welcomed our feedback. We are thrilled with the performance of the new pages.”

Claire Pope, Content Lead at Quartix

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