Bigfork worked with Tootega on their digital marketing strategy to turn one-time visitors into long-term customers. Find out how we used automated marketing and personalisation to great effect.

Tootega are an independent kayak manufacturer based in Norfolk. They sell their kayaks exclusively through dealers, then buyers register online with Tootega to claim their warranty. They knew they were missing a trick with these customer registrations, so appointed Bigfork to help supercharge their digital marketing.

Bigfork started by updating the registration form so that it saved the registrations directly into Tootega’s internal database, saving them from having to manually enter customer details.

Rather than just having a “thank you” screen after registering, we used an email marketing system to send bespoke HTML emails (responsive of course) confirming receipt of registration and providing more information about Tootega and their products.

Bigfork then created an automated email campaign to send followup emails a few weeks after initial registration, these emails invited customers to leave a review for their purchase as well as reminding them about how they can stay up to date with Tootega news.

This would’ve been great as it was, but we went one step further and personalised all communications. By using dynamic content in the emails, each message displayed the customers name, the product they bought and even the photography to match the product. The review link is also tailored specifically to their kayak, sending them straight to the relevant page for the product they purchased.

Personalisation wasn’t just a neat trick, it resulted in well above average open rates and clickthroughs.

In the first sixty days from launch:

Open Rate

81% of people opened post-registration emails

Clickthrough Rate

63% went on to click at least one link in the emails

25% opted into future updates & email newsletters


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